Workout Duration: 60-75 min per session
Sessions per Week: 6 workouts are provided, complete 3-6 days each week for best results
Skill Level: Low skill level required



The afterburn effect refers to the period of time after an intense workout when fat is “burned” by your body at a higher rate, and that is exactly what you can expect from Carve & Conquer’s  Afterburn program. Afterburn combines full body strength training with high intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve conditioning, maximize fat loss, balance blood sugar levels and sculpt your muscles. You will not be bulky, but you will be lean and sculpted. You will absolutely get in the best shape of your life. Best of all, the daily workout is provided to you on effortless app, and the workouts are available a week at a time so that you can plan ahead.  

Every day will be unique so you can expect to work hard without burning out or becoming bored. You will use implements such as dumbells, kettlebells, jump ropes and cardio equipment, but will never be required to use a barbell or perform a technical lift. Each day you will be provided with in-depth details about workout intention, possible scaling options and substitutions. You will find daily coaches tips and goals for each workout, and for your lifestyle in general, all designed to amplify your Afterburn experience.

Additionally, you will receive COMPLIMENTARY access to Carve and Conquer’s supplemental programs, including- Shredded Core, Booty Builder, and Travel Fit. Supplemental programs are 4 or 8 week progressions designed to augment your daily Afterburn programming. Best of all they can be added to your weekly calendar in the app- NO CHARGE if you are an Afterburn subscriber!