Workout Duration: 60-75 min per session
Sessions per Week: You are provided 6, complete 3-6 for best results
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced



Welcome to Survival of the Fittest. Ladies and gentlemen let’s face it, when the zombie apocalypse comes we are gonna win. Until that time however, the Carve and Conquer CrossFit daily PLUS program is still useful. It trains us to be vibrant, strong and productive in our daily lives. We can move our buddy’s entire house in record time, run a charity 5K at the drop of a hat, crush any manual labor thrown our way, respectably race our kids/grandkids/nieces and or nephews in the backyard, ski all day without needing a break AND rock a swimsuit on the beach at a moments notice.

With the Daily Plus program you can expect a constantly varied daily workout that is carefully designed to improve metabolic conditioning and augment aerobic capacity; includes periodized strength progressions in back squat, front squat, bench, deadlift; focuses on snatch and clean & jerk development exercises and advancement in beginner, intermediate and advanced gymnastics movements. This all means that we train you to look, feel, perform and LIVE like an athlete.

The Daily Plus program contains everything you know and love about CrossFit 307 programming PLUS you get:

  • Daily workouts provided to you on effortless app, and the workouts are available a week at a time so that you can plan ahead

  • A convenient place to record all of your workout results, the app tracks progress on all of your lifts, workout times and PR’s

  • A place to post your score or comment about the workout and to interact with fellow teammates. Don’t we all want to be able to see Trevor’s time so we know what we are in for?!

  • Daily in depth details about workout intention, possible scaling options and substitutions.

  • Daily coaches tips and goals for each workout, and for your lifestyle in general, all designed to amplify your class experience.

  • Daily form check videos that will help you to establish the most safe and efficient movement patterns possible

  • COMPLIMENTARY access to Carve and Conquer’s supplemental programs, including- Jacked CrossFitter, Shredded Core, Booty Builder, Muscle Up Royalty, WOD Primer and Travel Fit. Supplemental programs are 4 or 8 week progressions designed to augment your Daily Plus programming. Best of all they can be added to your weekly calendar in the app- NO CHARGE if you are a Daily Plus subscriber!